Shadow Boxes

Thank you all for your continued support over the last 21 yrs!!

All orders are being shipped from our new location in Ohio....

All displays have been discontinued
Except for Dog House and Picture Frame styles while supplies last.

**Custom CPO\SCPO\MCPO Anchor Displays will continue to be offered!***

Display items are no longer available through us! Display items sent in such as ribbons and medals MUST have the devices already attached.

All text must be typed out on the order form or a word document at the time the order is placed or emailed to us! We are not responsible for misspellings submitted by you... We are great at laser engraving and woodworking not necessary spelling!!

We are doing our best to stay on track... However material shortages and personal issues can arise at anytime and cause a delay. We will do our best to avoid those situations but they have happened a few times over the past year.